Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hi friend,s this is myself when i was ready to go my first school before 2 year,s back. Now I am planning to change my first school to another for further study. we hope that I will be sincere and hard worker because your,s wishes with me. Now I handover this blog to my father to update and further information. I hope our loving uncle like you will submit your comments and suggestion to upgrade this blog.
Thanking you....    AKARSH


  1. My best wishes will always with you. I will be very happy when you will bear morality and feel humanity.
    Your father
    Nilesh Kumar

  2. Dear Akarsh i hope u will ctup n connected with a good school 4 ur further study..My all bless n lve will always with ur's every steps..God bless u n keep u healthy n Happy...Grow up from every way of life...